T. Global Partners, Inc. marshals a variety of resources in order to design programs that effectively connect to its clients’ business objectives. These include:

Client Engagement

Every client relationship begins with active listening. T. Global Partners asks insightful questions, builds rapport and invests the time necessary to understand our clients and their businesses. Our collaborative relationships give us a unique ability to develop an agenda and design programs that align with and anticipate our clients’ objectives.

Structuring Opportunities

Building a budget and establishing a timeline early in the lifecycle of a new project facilitates realistic goals and more conscientious financial stewardship. Our clients appreciate the reassurance of knowing when things will happen and how much they will cost. Once a budget is in place, T. Global Partners facilitates proper management of expenses and ensures efficient reconciliation at the end of a program.


We are well-positioned to navigate venue & vendor sourcing efforts thanks to our in depth knowledge, longstanding personal relationships and global network. Clients routinely benefit from the fact that suppliers and properties are familiar with our team members, comfortable with our clients’ event histories and cognizant of our stakeholders’ objectives.


Our negotiation skills, ingenuity and substantive contracting expertise allow us to add value to meeting and event-related contracts. We know how to anticipate problems and reduce unforeseen liabilities.

Reinforcing Brand Messaging

We understand how to create engaging content, consistent messaging and a specific ambiance that is both aligned with the client’s mission and congruent with its core enterprise. By ensuring that programs foster an experience that is authentic to brand promise, T. Global Partners enables clients to integrate attendees’ meeting or event experiences with the corporate brand.

Building Event Sites

We routinely builds mobile-responsive event websites and conference apps to capture, track and manage attendee details, facilitate a streamlined, user-friendly registration process, and ensure an efficient on-site experience.

Seamless On-Site Responses

Our team members are adept at anticipating challenges and mitigating risks that might jeopardize the success of a client program. With an impressive ability to multitask, think strategically and find pragmatic solutions, we can adeptly protect clients against almost any exposure.

Obtaining Performance Metrics

With a team that reflects extensive accounting, technology and financial acumen, T. Global Partners can comfortably compile any sort of quantitative analysis requested by our clients. Catering to an ever-increasing desire for more tangible returns on investment, T. Global Partners has all of the tools needed to set event performance indices and conduct post-program audits.

SMMP Consulting

T. Global Partners, Inc. routinely helps clients develop Strategic Meeting Management Program initiatives – tactical best practices plans for maximizing value from corporate meetings, conferences, off-sites and other special events. Using a client’s historical sourcing, contracting and management information, we are able to determine ways in which client programs can be streamlined, future procurements can be better leveraged, future risks can be mitigated, comprehensive data can be captured, and the client’s business objectives can best be met.